The Language of Quran, Easier than English

Muhammad Arjan Ali

Would you like to learn Arabic?  Do you want to begin to understand the Qur’an?
Do you fear it's too difficult or that it would take too long? or have you tried before and given up? 
If you genuinely want to begin to Understand the language of Al-Qur’an, the easy way, then this might be the very course you have been looking for.
The only pre-requisite is that you can read Arabic text (Qur'an), no previous knowledge of Arabic language required.

Theses series of articles are to supplement, the freely available lessons on our YouTube Channel. You will find brief explanatory notes and additional learning resources to support your learning. 

The 15 lessons covered in this series will be in the same order as our book, 'The Language of Quran, Easier Than English' (Book One).

The book, YouTube channel and this blog, will complement each other, to help you learn, the most essential Arabic (grammar and vocabulary) you need to begin to understand Qur'an in Arabic.  
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