The best amongst you is the one who learns the Qur'an and taches it [Hadith]

Learning iS a life long journey

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The Language of Qur'an, Easier than English (book One)

Amazingly simple 15 lessons of Arabic Grammar (nahw & Sarf), to understand Arabic sentences, phrases and 53% words of Al-Qur'an.  

85% words of Al-Quran

Categorised listing of 85% words of Al-Quran, with explanatory notes and learning resources.
Just listen, read and write out the words, along with your Arabic studies, for effortless learning. 

Everyday Arabic

The meaning and message of the most frequently used Arabic by Muslims: 
Everday Arabic. Arabic of Salah, everyday dua | selected surahs of Quran.

Essential knowledge 

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What everyone should know about Islam 
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