Ustadz Muhammad Arjan Ali

85% words of Quran

Allah has made it easy

The fear of learning lists after lists of thousands of words, puts most people of learning a new language. When it comes to learning Arabic, to understand the Qur'an, this fear is totally unfounded.

Allah has made it easy for us to understand Qur'an. Consider that the Qur'an has a total of approx. 78,000 words, however, if we collect the list of unique words and we order them in frequency of occurrence, we find that just top 120 words have been repeated more than 39,000+ times. That means almost 50% words of Al-Quran are just from 120 words. 

What is even more amazing that these words, are easy to read, memorise and pronounce. These words are used in the Arabic of our daily Salah (namaz, prayers). Almost every Muslim has memorised them.  

In these series of articles, in-sha Allah, intend to categorise, list, and provide some brief notes on the most commonly used words in Al-Quran. These words will cover 85% of the words of Al-Quran. Learning them along with a foundational Arabic grammar course will enable us to take a major leap in undertstaning the Quran in Arabic 
In-sha Allah we provide:
  • Simple notes of each category 
  • A short YouTube videos for easy learning (see, listen, repeat, write and learn) 
  • Downloadable list of words for personal study. 

85% of words of Al-Quran series:

  • QW-L01   Detached Rafa Pronouns  
  • QW-L02   Demonstratives - point words  
  • QW-L03   Relative Pronouns

85% words of Al-Quran series

QW-L01 Pronouns

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FAQ 3 title

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