The Language of Qur'an 
Easier than English

Book One - 250+ pages of detailed notes in simple everyday English. 

15 amazingly simple, particle, Quran focused lessons, that actually help you to being to understand Al-Qur'an.
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Unique features of Language of Quran,
Easier than English

Arabic simplified for English Speakers

Arabic grammar rules explained in simple everyday English. With compare and contrast examples between Arabic and English. 
No previous knowledge of Arabic language required. 
Just the ability to read Arabic text.

Grammar rules

Arabic is a very structured and logical language. 
The rules of Arabic Grammar de-mystified, using simple illustrated examples, many Quranic references and practice.

Focused on understanding
not on memorising lists 

Instead of giving endless rules, Arabic grammar terminology, technical vocabulary.
We focus on understanding, recognising, and using the rules to correctly translate Arabic text. 

Priceless Gems: 439 words
57%+ words of Al-Qur’an

No endless list of words to memorise. Just focus on words you will come across again and again during your daily Qur'an recitation. 
You will learn through practice more than 57% words of Al-Quran in just 15 lessons. 

Maps Diagrams Tables for easy learning

You will not need to make your own notes. All the notes are given in English with many illustrated diagrams, charts, tables and examples. 
To help you easily summarise all the key learning elements in every lesson. 

Lesson Exercises for deeper understanding

Each lesson comes with exercise and test, to ensure that you have learnt the key components of the lessons. 
Students should take every opportunity to write the Arabic text, in their own notebooks to practice Arabic writitng.
Learning Arabic to understand Qur’an should be a stress-free, fun-filled, spiritually, and intellectually uplifting experience.
Its positive impact should enrich, the physical, intellectual, moral, and spiritual life of the learner.
Arabic, the language of Al-Qur’an, is remarkably ordered, rational, and generally guided by logical rules. It has only 3 types of words and 2 types of sentences. Most of its words are derived from three root letters.

With the simple prerequisite of basic Arabic reading skills. Following these lessons, you can easily acquire the fundamental knowledge of Arabic grammar, Quranic vocabulary, and word structure.

You will see how easy it is to learn the rules of forming the most commonly occurring phrases and sentences in Arabic. Further, you will learn the meaning and the use 439 words. Which makes up 44,603 words of the 78,000 words in Al-Qur’an, that’s 57%+.

Start your journey now and begin to discover the intellectual and spiritual joy of understanding Al- Qur’an.
It is Allah who has made it easy to understand Qur’an. What Allah has made easy, can never ever be difficult or impossible.
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